Rocky's Creek Family Farm
Rocky's Creek Family Farm

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You can contact us by e-mail to farm (and that little "at" sign)

We are a small family farm raising alpacas, goats, chickens, and hogs. We primarily raise specialty breeds like Suri alpacas, miniature-breed goats (Mini Nubians), Bresse and heritage breed chickens, and American Guinea Hogs.

We got our first goats almost 3 years ago, but started breeding last year after we finally got accurate registration papers on everyone (although a couple of goats got their own ideas the year before). We're not very experienced but we do try very hard to do right by our goats and learn from our mistakes. :-) And we're trying to use high quality bucks and make quality breeding decisions when we breed. We love our girls, we love our boys, and we think we're building towards a nice little herd.

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